The Firm
iLaw, Inc., is yet another innovation from the successful Law Firm Services Group of a premier accounting firm. As one of the industry’s leading law firm services experts, we’ve been developing relationships and identifying industry needs for over 30 years.

As accountants, when working with our diverse range of long-term clients, we collaborate with talented attorneys on a daily basis. We’ve listened to our professional colleagues and recognized the need for a vehicle where members of the legal community can comfortably interact and communicate. To fulfill that need, we created the consultant consortium of iLaw, Inc.

At iLaw, our primary responsibility is to assist our members in understanding and meeting each of their client’s specific needs, and to exceed their expectations at every opportunity. We are steadfast in our commitment to the professional development of every member, and see our group as a secure and responsible source for information, referrals, and news. Our reputation in the industry is a testament to our long-term relationships and dedication to excellence in building a practice that is singular in its high quality and flawless integrity.