As an approved member of iLaw, you will enjoy a number of unique advantages that will help you and be of benefit to your clients as well:

Confidential Consulting Group

iLaw is a confidential community where we respect one another’s privacy and confidentiality. In each of the fields that we represent and in today’s competitive business world, it’s important to know that there’s a place you can trust. A place where you can find the consultant you need without being concerned that any information you discuss will be divulged.


As part of our community, you will have the ability to network as you build relationships with other members. These professional affiliations, along with your membership in iLaw, will provide a range of opportunities for references and referrals from and among your colleagues.


Being part of our group also opens up the possibilities of leads for new clients. The allegiances you form among our members make you part of their team, and at the head of the line when it comes to identifying potential clients.

Ask questions

It may be good to know the questions to ask, but isn’’t it better to be reassured of the answers by contacting someone whose integrity and knowledge you trust? As part of our group, you have immediate access to attorneys and specialists in all areas of the legal community. Each of you is available to answer questions, review or discuss interpretations, and resolve issues.

iLaw ListServ

iLaw is a private, member-only moderated listserv comprised of practicing attorneys. iLaw will automatically send you messages containing valuable information about what’s happening on the site, as well as in the broader community. At the same time, iLaw provides a forum for discussion, sharing of ideas, and having a conversation with colleagues.

Using the iLaw Listserv

To utilize iLaw is simple. If you are a registered user just send an email to  Each message is reviewed by our moderator before it is posted.  Once posted it will automatically be distributed to the thousands of other lawyers on the list. To be effective, the subject line of your email is very important. Clearly state what you need and/or what you are looking for and be sure to include all of your contact information. Then watch the replies come in!