There are so many wonderful things happening on iLaw, and I am very proud that we have grown tremendously over the past six years. We have had countless emails telling us how valuable iLaw is and we are so grateful for the response it has received.

In keeping with the iLaw brand, and to make it easier for you to reach out to fellow iLawyers and Listmates, we are shifting the email address of this valuable resource to one that is easier to remember and type. The new email address starting July 25, 2017 will be

In addition, we have launched a brand new website that will better serve your needs. It is located at: .

At, you’ll find more features that will help you network your practices. You’ll have the ability to advertise, post classified ads for a variety of needs, and create a premium listing so your practice can have more visibility within the iLaw community and to the world.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to connect with me. I am here to help.

Thanks and Happy Networking!


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