The legal profession, like other professional services, is a relationship driven business. Relationships, in fact, are at the very core of a successful law practice — relationships with your clients, your peers, and your referral sources. Yet building relationships and networking is not something that they taught you in law school. We all kind of learned the skills by trial and error — no pun intended. And some of us are way better at it than others. Even if we don’t always practice them, by now we should all kind of know basic networking skills — so here’s your chance to hone them!

Please join us on August 7, 2013 for the first iLaw networking event being held in conjunction with the New York Legal Group of Gotham City Networking. Being held from 6:00PM – 9:00PM at the Friars’ Club in NYC, this exclusive gathering of many distinguished and prominent professionals from almost every field of legal practice is the perfect venue to further your professional relationships and grow your law practice by networking with other attorneys. The cost to attend is $40 and registration is required. Click this link to sign up . I’ll be there — Will you?

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