If you’re a small firm or a solo practitioner, you may feel overwhelmed by larger firms’ resources. Small firms with tiny budgets can market themselves effectively — they just need to look for low-cost — and even free — marketing methods and tools.

Start by focusing your marketing efforts on what small firms are known for — personal relationships. Satisfied clients are your best source for new business, so be sure to check in with them periodically. Phone calls are acceptable, but face-to-face meetings and the informal conversations they encourage are better. Invite your best clients to lunch, a golf outing or an event where you can build that relationship. And don’t forget to cultivate non-client referral sources with like-minded professionals such as CPAs (call us, we’ll talk!!!), bankers, insurance agents, real estate professionals, financial planners, management consultants and attorneys in different practice areas. Remember though, referrals are a two-way street: Your best leads will likely come from professionals to whom you’ve referred business.

Above all, Network!!! Attend as many conferences and other business, professional and community events as time permits. Simply talking with other participants can increase awareness of your firm and start relationships that result in referrals or engagements. Post an email on iLaw – tell your listmates that you’re looking to network with other professionals who do_____. You fill in the blank. Not sure how to word it? Send me an email and I’ll be more than happy to help.

Check back to this blog for more marketing tips such as DIY branding, and the Internet – the great leveler.

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