Freiberger Haber LLP

Located in New York City, and on Long Island, Freiberger Haber is a law firm dedicated to representing corporations, small businesses, partnerships and individuals involved in a broad range of complex business and commercial litigation matters.  The firm combines the sophistication and counsel of a large national firm, with the economy, flexibility, commitment and personal attention of a small firm.

Jonathan H. Freiberger has over 30 years of commercial litigation experience. Prior to founding the firm with Jeffrey Haber, Mr. Freiberger spent seventeen years as a member of another law firm where he concentrated his practice in the areas of commercial litigation, including, but not limited to, real estate litigation, construction litigation, banking litigation and mortgage-backed lending litigation, and corporate counseling. In addition, Mr. Freiberger was  previously associated with a large multi-national law firm with an office in New York City where he represented clients in a variety of complex commercial litigations in state and federal court.

Firm:Freiberger Haber LLP
Name:Jonathan H. Freiberger, Esq.
Address:425 Broadhollow Road, Suite 417
Phone:(631) 282-8983