In many ways, the internet provides a level playing field where dedication and enthusiasm counts for more than money. First up though…buy your url and use it for your emails as well as your website.  This way, you are marketing your practice and not Yahoo, Optimum, Google or (gasp) AOL.  And while your law firm should build an attractive, easy-to-navigate and search-engine-optimized website, a staff member, paralegal or legal intern can be responsible for updating your site.  In addition, social media platforms like iLaw, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook — probably the most effective communication tools available online — cost nothing to use and your staff can keep them up to date as well…provided they all talk in the same voice and stay on-message.

If you don’t have a blog, consider starting one using a free platform such as Blogger or WordPress. The Web arguably has a glut of legal blogs, but there’s always room for one more that addresses a specialized niche or provides insights on current legal issues in an engaging voice. And don’t forget your profile on iLaw, and participating in online forums related to your area of expertise (keeping in mind the forum’s rules about business solicitation and being careful not to practice law in a jurisdiction where you aren’t licensed).

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